Edward Loh Named Editor-in-Chief of Motor Trend

El Segundo, CA (November 17, 2011)Source Interlink Media (SIM) announced today the appointment of Edward Loh as Editor-in-Chief of Motor Trend.  Known as SIM’s leading automotive media brand, Motor Trend counts a print circulation of more than one million magazines a month, a website that attracts more than four million unique visitors a month, a YouTube channel that logs almost 1.5 million views a week, in addition to several widely circulated mobile and tablet apps.

Prior to this appointment, Loh served as Motor Trend’s Executive Editor, a position he ascended to in January 2010 after joining as a senior editor in May 2007.  Loh originally joined the SIM as editor of Sport Compact Car in January 2006.  Prior to that he worked for Hachette’s Speed magazine, and started his career at Y-Visionary Publishing in 2000.

Angus MacKenzie, Motor Trend’s most recent Editor-in-Chief, has been promoted to Chief Content Officer, Source Interlink Media, responsible for developing editorial, entertainment and advertising content strategy across all SIM brands.

“Edward is a great example of the new generation of editorial talent we are developing within the company,” said Chris Argentieri, President, Source Interlink Media. “His passion for all things automotive and his ability to communicate with an enthusiast audience is matched by his understanding of today’s multi-platform publishing environment and an ability to seize opportunities presented by emerging media technologies and social trends. I am delighted that we are able to promote him to oversee one of our flagship brands.”

As a result of Loh’s promotion, Motor Trend Editor-at-Large Ron Kiino has been promoted to Executive Editor.  Senior Editor, Jonny Lieberman, has been promoted to Senior Features Editor.

Follow Motor Trend’s new leadership on Twitter @EdLoh, @RonKiino and @MT_Lieberman. 

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About Motor Trend Magazine

Motor Trend, part of Source Interlink Media, LLC, was founded in 1949 and has a circulation of 1.1 million and a total readership of 7 million. Internationally recognized as one of the leading brands in automotive publishing, MOTOR TREND comprises Motor Trend Magazine; the award-winning website motortrend.com; Motor Trend Radio; Truck TrendMotor Trend Classic; Motor Trend International Auto Shows; Motor Trend en Espanol; and the renowned Motor Trend Car, Truck and SUV of the Year Awards program.