Elapsed Times Provides Car Craft’s Look at the Glory Days of Drag Racing

Elapsed Times Provides Car Craft’s Look at the Glory Days of Drag Racing  photoEL SEGUNDO, Calif. (August 6, 2012) – Editors of Car Craft, both past and present, have collaborated to present the second-ever issue of Elapsed Times, available on newsstands August 7. The special-edition magazine will feature an in-depth look at the golden era of drag racing in the ’60s and ’70s. Editors will take readers on a nostalgic cruise through time with features and photos from the glory years.

Elapsed Times will contain articles that specifically recall the personalities and trends that made the drag racing culture what it was. Readers will be treated to this trip down memory lane which starts in the ’60s with the Chrysler Maximum Performance effort and continues through the muscle car era from ’64-’72.

In addition to remembering some of the biggest influencers in the sport, Elapsed Times will also examine some of the more famous vehicles that roamed the tracks, such as Landy’s AFX and the infamous Car Craft Hemi ’Cuda. Plus, readers will find original photography from the Car Craft archives with never-before-seen images from more than four decades ago.

Elapsed Times doesn’t just cover the past, either; the resurgence of nostalgia drag racing in America is in full swing within the magazine’s pages, which feature the cars and stars of today. In addition, readers can get up to date information on events such as the 2012 March Meet and Orange, MA, Reunion.

“Car Craft magazine was the voice of drag racing during the nitro privateer glory days of the ’60s and ’70s,” said Douglas R. Glad, Editor-in-Chief of Car Craft. “Elapsed Times is revisiting those days with the same irreverent voice through hundreds of never-before-seen photos and the talents of the original Car Craft editors telling the real stories about the way it was. We are also excited that there has been a resurgence of nostalgia drag racing today and are looking forward to those stories that are yet to tell.”

Car Craft is part of Source Interlink Media’s Performance Automotive Group, which includes HOT ROD, Super Chevy and Street Rodder. HOT ROD, one of the most iconic titles in the world, is re-launching its entire brand across all media channels including print, online, video and social media platforms, which began this spring and will continue throughout the fall. Source Interlink Media has made a significant investment in all of the HOT ROD products, most notably with the revitalized print magazine that launched with the September 2012 issue that went on sale in early July. The magazine features a 50% increase in editorial pages and an all-new design, both of which support a complete reinvention of the content. 

The launch of an all-new website, HOTROD.com, on May 1 marked the beginning of the revitalization of the HOT ROD brand. The restyled print magazine and new website are only the beginning steps in the creation of HOT ROD’s reinvented identity, which emphasizes a focus on multimedia content delivery with brand extensions that include HOTROD.com, a mobile version of HOTROD.com, the “HOT ROD Then & Now” App for iPad, HOT ROD Live Radio, and HOT ROD TV, the oldest automotive show on the air and the one that started the genre, on SPEED.

Founded in 1948, HOT ROD is the largest and oldest performance car magazine and is out to redefine the industry by doing things bigger, better, faster, louder. As HOT ROD builds up to its 65th anniversary in 2013, the editorial staff is pushing the envelope to reinvigorate readers by providing content that makes them say, “I can’t believe they did that!”


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