Mind Over Eye – Digital Media

Source’s Digital Production Company, Mind Over Eye, is a full-service production, postproduction and digital studio that produces content for all forms of media: TV, film, web, interactive, tablets, apps and more. As Source continues to extend its brands into emerging media and develop new and exciting marketing opportunities for our partners, Mind Over Eye has become an integral part of producing creative content across multiple platforms.

With an integrated marketing mindset, Mind Over Eye offers:

• Concept development
• Brand strategy
• Technical consulting in preproduction
• Full-service live and greenscreen productions, including visual effects supervision on set

With its roots in traditional postproduction, Mind Over Eye pioneered the truly consolidated services paradigm offering:

• Video editorial
• CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)
• Visual effects
• 2D and 3D animation
• Motion graphics
• Broadcast design
• Compositing
• Online editorial
• Color correction
• Sound design
• Music/scoring
• Audio mix
• Sweetening, finishing and mastering capabilities to all formats

On the digital front, Mind Over Eye not only handles the creative but also the development, programming and scripting required, ensuring unique user experiences in all digital media.

Mind Over Eye’s goal, in line with the Creative Services Group, is to provide our customers with topnotch creative capabilities across multiple media at a cost that is competitive in the marketplace.