Mobile Advertising

Source Interlink’s Mobile Advertising Program (Truckside, OOH) utilizes a fleet of more than 280 26-foot and full-size tractor trailers to provide advertisers with huge, compelling and attractive 4-sided mobile billboards. Operating in many of the top DMAs, including Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, our trucks deliver magazines and periodicals to busy retail and mall locations as they reach millions of consumers during their busy commutes and at the point of purchase. Each truck is equipped with a GPS tracking system, providing advertisers with third party impressions, immediate accountability and metrics to quickly calculate ROI.


The Mobile Advertising Program provides unsurpassed reach, scale and efficiency as it increases brand awareness and drives sales. It is an ideal, low-out-of-pocket option to your integrated media plan.

  • Mobile media is the most cost-effective form of advertising compared to radio, magazine, newspaper and TV
  • Bring your company’s message in front of consumers at street level, where they live, work and do business daily
  • Reach into affluent suburban and residential areas that no other out-of-home media reaches
  • Extend your brands to larger than life at the point of sale
  • We offer customized geographical programs to optimize targeted reach with fixed truck routes
  • Our framing system allows quick and easy installations of graphics and the flexibility to change message on different routes
  • Increase the opportunity for impulse sales of your products at major supermarkets, mass-merchandisers, drug stores and bookstores


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