Folio: Eddie/Ozzie Awards

Source Interlink Media (SIM) Honored with Seven 2010 Folio: Magazine Awards


Bonita Springs, Fla. – February 3, 2011 – We are excited to announce that our own, Source Interlink Media, is the recipient of seven 2010 Folio: Awards. Folio’s “Eddie” and “Ozzie” Awards recognize the best in editorial and design excellence, respectively. Winners were announced on January 25th in front of a sold-out audience at Sentry Center in New York City with SIM representatives Heather Stein and David Pandy in attendance.

Source Interlink Companies’ President and CEO, Mike Sullivan, commented on the significance of the awards when he congratulated members of the SIM staff, saying, “Those of us plotting a future course for all of Source Interlink believe that the enthusiast audiences of our publications will be a great strength moving forward … that these devoted readers will want mobile, web-based and print content that provides complete coverage of their interests and hobbies. But here’s the thing: they will still expect and we must continue to deliver superior products. The combined seven Folio: Awards are a testament to the great work being done throughout the Media Division. I offer my congratulations to everyone who had a hand in this success.”

SIM Properties were recognized with the following Ozzie Awards:

  • Best Design, New Magazine, ConsumerBound by ink Source Interlink Media May 2010 (GOLD)
  • Best Use of Photography, Consumer, under 250,000 Circulation
  • Bound by ink “Master of the Macabre” Source Interlink Media May 2010 (GOLD)

SIM Properties were recognized with the following Eddie Awards:

  • Consumer, Automotive, Full IssueMotor Trend Classic Source Interlink Media August 2010 (GOLD)
  • Automobile Magazine Source Interlink Media September 2009 (SILVER)
  • Consumer, Automotive, Single ArticleMotor Trend “Blue Devil vs. Blue Angel” Source Interlink Media August 2009 (GOLD)
  • Hot Rod Deluxe “Treasures of the Archives” Source Interlink Media March 2010 (SILVER)
  • Consumer, Enthusiasts/Hobbyists, Single Article Bound by ink “Horiyoshi” Source Interlink Media May 2010